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Recent Web Designs

“Wow, was I surprised. I never thought I could get my website questions answered in language i could understand.  The design communicated exactly what i wanted.  my website consistently gets favorable comments from my viewers”. 

— Doug Times, Owner, Lawndale Farm

Lawndale Farm

Lawndale Farm WebsiteA family business site for under $500

This site uses a fade-in/fade-out slideshow on the home page.  The remaining pages feature an appropriate theme of wholesomeness, nutrition and the fun one can have in the country.  check out the "History" page.

Picken Insurance

Picken Insurance Website

Original quote from another design firm - $3K, we did it for less than half!

This site uses stock photos ($10 to $30 ea.) to communicate a message and engage the viewer.  The code complies with xhtml 1.0 transitional accessibility and conformance which ensures search engine friendliness.

Gold Star Landscaping

Gold Star WebAnother small business site for $500.

This design communicates careful and quality work.  The gallery page utilyzes a google slideshow that is updated by the client.