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Web Design Services

“Wow, was I surprised. I never thought I could get my website questions answered in language i could understand.  The design communicated exactly what i wanted.  my website consistently gets favorable comments from my viewers”. 

— Doug Times, Owner, Lawndale Farm

Website Hosting

pictureThink of this service as the rent you would pay for your office or showroom.  It is merely a place to store the files that make up your site - and the service that allows your viewers to see your site 24/7.  Typically, services like email accounts, domain names and traffic stats are bundled with this service.

Website Design


This is a balance between what looks good and what will load fast and be friendly to search engines.  Lately, standards have been developed that require compliance for accessibility and search engine friendliness.  We can provide that balance - looking good, loading fast and ranking high.

Training Clients


pictureWe can provide editing tools that allow the owner to change his or her site using basic computer skills.